How 101 Digital Marketing tools Make your buisness successful

Digital marketing is evolving all the time and you need to be updated with the latest news and trends. Whether you are running a business or a digital marketing professional digital marketing tools are mandatory. Hence we have listed the top 101 digital marketing tools to help you grow your business and make your work much easy. Check them out!

  1. Similar Web

Similar web is one of the best website traffic analysis tools out there. If you want to audit websites of yours and your competitors, then this tool is of great help. SEO and content stragies, Digital marketing intelligence, research intelligence, sales intelligence, investor intelligence are some of the features offered by the platform. Check out this digital marketing tool and you will find it super effective and convenient. 

  • Moat

Moat is a super effective tool, when it come to measuring the digital marketing & seo performance of your campaigns. You can analyse the performance of your campaigns across platforms, channels and platforms. The tool also provides real time marketing and ad inteliigence. If you are spending dollars for your campaigns, then this tool is a must try one. Check it out now and know how your ads are performing. 

  • Competitor.email

Do you like to look at the emails your competitor send? Then this is the best tool for that. With this tool, you can see all the mails send by your competitors, analyse them and make reports. It is just easy with click of a button. Competitor.email shows key metrics like the date in which emails are send, etc. One can save the report to the account and view it another time or even share it. It is one of the best lead generation email marketing tool.

  • Namelix

Namelix is a tool which will help you to generate business name. Are you in need of a brand or business name? If yes, then the tool will generate a great name for you with the help of Artificial intelligence. The tool is great in generating short, catchy names that can make your business stand out. You can filter the results and the tool saves the generated results making it easy for you the next time you do a search. It is a great brand name strategies tool. 

  • Namemesh

Namemesh is a tool that will help you to find superb domain names. Whatever you business is, Namemesh has a domain name for you. There are various extensions like .com, .in, .net, .org, etc. Finding the right domain name is important for your business and the tool helps you in just that. If you need a domain name with a keyword, then you can enter in the keyword for the tool to generate a name for you. You need to find a good seo domain for your website. 

  • Infinityfree

Infinityfree is without doubt the best free web hosting and development platform. It is completely free and they also provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth.  Unlike other platforms, where is a restriction to the bandwidth, it is not the case with infinityfree. Everything is completely free and you will also get a free SSL certificate, free subdomains, free DNS service, etc. It is very rare to find a web hosting platform, providing almost everything for free. 

  • Strikingly

If you want to make your own website under 30 minutes and completely free, then try strikingly. It is a super amazing bespoke website design tool that comes with handy features and you don’t need any coding or technical skills. Everything is just drag and drop and you would love it. The tool is optimized for ecommerce designs and functionality. You can integrate PayPal right into the website and are ready to go. 101 Digital Marketing tools Make your buisness successful.

  • Envato

Envato is all in one tool where you will get all the solutions for your designing for web and template needs. The tool provides stock video, video templates, music, sound effects, graphic templates, graphics, presentation templates, photos, etc. You will get a rich collection of digital marketing tools from this website. Check it out and see for yourself all the things they have to offer. 

  • Pixabay

Pixabay is a website where you will get free stock photos. There is a huge collection of seo photos and others available and you will get anything you need, just by entering the keyword. All the photos are copyright free and you can use it as per your convenience. If you are looking for some photos for your campaign, then check this one out and you will be satisfied. The tool has been around for some time and is a well appreciated one. 

  1.  Mobirise

Mobirise is a free bespoke website design and development tool that will help you to develop a website fast without any coding knowledge. It is a free app for Windows and Mac to create small and medium websites, landing pages, online resumes, and portfolios. It is a perfect toll for non techies who wants to build a website easily and friendly. The tool is mobile and google friendly helping you to fulfill your purpose. Check out this one if you are planning to build a free website. 

  1.  Hubspot

Hubspot is a great marketing tool that will help you grow your business. Hubspot has a complete CRM program and helps you in lead genereation and management. They offer free and pid marketing software to grow you business, sales CRM software to automate sales, close deals faster, customer service software, content management software that helps you manage the content. Its all free. Truly it is one of the best websites for marketing. 101 Digital Marketing tools Make your buisness successful

  1.   Yoast

Yoast is a Worpress plugin, that helps in the search engine optimization. If you have a wordpree website, then this is a must install plugin. All the seo can be doen within the plugin and it offers amny other beenfits to. The tool will show all the errors or seo and you can make changes accordingly. SEO is something that is very important and the plugin helps in doing it. 

  1.  Flaticon

Flaticon is a website where you will get all sorts of free icons. They have a huge collection of icons to choose form and you can use them according toy our wish. They provide best vector icons for web, desktop and applications. One can choose form different categories of icons and download and use it. The tool is completely free and you don’t have to spend anything. 101 Digital Marketing tools Make your buisness successful

  1.  Vector Magic

Vector magic is a tool that will help you to convert jpg, png, gif files to vector format. The tool helps in giving the images a crisp display without losing its originality. Everything happens with just a click of a button and is very easy to use. If you want to make your logo or design look awesome and clear, then this is the perfect tool. The tool is completely free to use. 

  1.  Grammarly

If you want to make your content perfect and without any spelling or grammatically errors, then Grammarly is the tool for it. The tool displays all the errors while writing and one can rectify the mistakes with the click of a button. This is helpful when you want to send in emails to your prospects and customers. A good looking content is a great way to attract people and Grammarly provides with exact that. There is a free and paid plan and you can choose them according to your convenience. 101 Digital Marketing tools Make your buisness successful

  1.   Portent

Portent is one of the websites you need to check out. The platform provides great tools for your digital marketing campaign. From SEO, PPC,  SERP preview tool, content idea generator tool, tone of voice generator, digital marketing diagnostics and much more the platform is really handy. The tool will really help you to take your camapigns to the next level. Try the tool and see it for yourself. 

  1. Viral Content Bee

Viral Content Bee is a free social media promotion tool. If you want to boost your traffic and engagement in social media, then this is the platform. The tool promotes your content in social medias like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Social media engagement is highly relevant for the growth of your business and the tool will help you freely in it. Try using it for free and see your social media presence grow. 101 Digital Marketing tools Make your buisness successful

  1.  Buzzumo

Buzzumo is a very good content generator tool that will help you to develop and create useful content. If you need idea regarding a particular keyword, then all you need to do is to enter the keyword in the search box and press enter. The tool will provide you with a lsist of content ideas you can go through and select from. The paid option give access to more resources. 

  1.  Autocrit

Autocrit is the best platform if you want to have your manuscript edited professionally. The tool will help you to edit the content like a pro and will make it look awesome and attractive. The tool also give you step by step reccomendtion to make your manuscript perfect and ready for publishimg. Everything is done with a click of a button and you can even improve the emotional tone of the content. 101 Digital Marketing tools Make your buisness successful.

  •  Editor Software

Editor software is again a content editor tool that helps you to edit the documents and get it perfect. The tool has a 14 day free trial and then you need to go premium. The tool provides all the necessary suggestions and helps to make your document professional and clear. If you want to have perfect and clean content for your campaign, then check this tool out. You don’t need to hire a professional editor as the tool will do all the work for you. 

  •   Postcorn

Postcorn is a fantastic tool to schedule your social media posts. If you want to schedule and post your posts in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Lnkedin And Pinterest, then te tool will help you save a lot of time. You can post bulk or as much as you want. You can reach many number of customers throught he tool and is an easy solution toy our social media campaign. 

  •   Viralwoot

Viralwoot is another social media post scheduler you can try. The tool helps you to schedule the post as wells as analyze the results. You can start for free in Viralwoot and take your business to the next level. If you are a business or a person trying to improve your social media presence, then viralwoot will help you in achieving it. You can also engage with influencers and and grow your brand. 

  •   Slideshare

Slideshare is a well known tool that will help you to share content in the form of PPTs, PDFs and more. There is lot of information on the platform and you will find resource to anything and everything.  You can upload your company slide or information and get it viral. Also you can get access to some great content on difeerent topics. Check it out and you will be impressed. 

  •  ClickBank

Clickbank is one of the most renowned affiliate marketing platforms out there. The company provides you with many products to sell and receive a commission. The commissions are relatively high in Clickbank. You can select products form different niches and start promoting it. Once you create an account and get the affiliate link, then you are all ready to go. 

  •   Amazon Associates

If you like affiliate marketing, then Amazon’s affiliate program is one to check out for. You can choose any product from Amazon and start promoting it to get a commission. The commission compared to other platforms is a little less, but the conversion rate is really high. Because Amazon is a well known platform people ten to buy form them and have confidence. You will need a blog, website or mobile application to sign up for the Amazon Associates program. 

26.  Profinder.linkedin 

Profinder.Linkedin.com is a website that connects a company in search of websites designing, media social marketing, optimization SEO, or for any other job profile as a freelancer. This is a trusted site by professionals where a company can get an experienced freelancer or one who is new in freelancing based on the company’s needs. All registered profiles as a freelancer on this site are trustworthy. Profinder.LinkedIn also helps in identifying freelance based on location the company prefers. 

27. Mix

Mix.com is a social media content curation website that allows one to collect content about specific topics of interest and also articles you may like. When the content is added to the collection of topics it can be shared with the like-minded or people with similar interest in mix.com. This is a very informative site as it can give you information or content on various topics based on categories like Business, Space, Technology. In technology includes digital marketing & SEOlearning about SEOdesigning a brand.

   28. Flipboard

flipboard.com is a social media network aggregation and also a news aggregator website. It accumulates contents from photo sharing sites, social media, news feeds, and also from other websites and presents this content in the form of a magazine and enabling the user to flip through photos, videos, and articles shared. This site helps in getting the content from multiple sites like for example information or content on SEO analytics, strategies for branding, web page rank, etc.


29. Lumen5

Lumen5.com an online video-making website that makes creates a free account to make engaging and impactful videos using the content the user has and it also has the feature of adding images and music’s for making the video more impact-full. This service is also offered on free and Premium in different price ranges based on the need. This can be used for making videos like learn web designing, digital SEO marketing, logo design branding. 101 Digital Marketing tools Make your buisness successful. 

30. Jvzoo

www.jvzoo.com is a website that is free to join as a vendor or as an affiliate of a business and sell all their product with a single account. This type of website helps in set up an online business without the need for owning an e-commerce site. This reduces the cost of maintaining the website and things related to that.


31.  Cakebrowser

Cakebrowser.com or cake browser is called a next-generation web browser that has an inbuilt VPN facility in it and it also provides the best web browsing and search results on mobile it is also available both on Android and iOS devices. The user experience of the browser is very user friendly and it is also safer in terms of data protection.

32. Killerplrarticles

www.killerplrarticles.com is a website with an article database it offers articles in 16 different categories and many more subcategory. Access to this database is for free and it can also be sued for publishing anywhere the user likes, in those 16 categories one is internet business there u can find articles about SEO in digital marketing, learn web designing, digital marketing strategies.

33. Viomatic

Viomatic.com is the website for online video making using the content user has. It is a free as well as paid service for free service there is the limitation and for paid service, there are 3 packages based on the needs of the user. The user experience is user-friendly it also has the facility to like humans like text speech, RSS to video and it can also be uploaded on YouTube. it can be sued for creating videos like digital marketing strategies, web responsive design, internet in marketing, and so on.


34. Tuberankjeet

Tuberankjeet.com is a YouTube optimization app as Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. Tuberankjeet.com helps in the optimization of the Youtube channel without the need for learning video SEO. It also boosts the Youtube traffic and it the user’s decision on what period the user wishes to keep the boost.101 Digital Marketing tools Make your buisness successful

35. Powtoon

 Powtoon.com is a website that provides the service of making the animated presentation and animated video explainers online. Animated characters are always a big hit when it comes to videos and video explainers in today’s world. With the paid service user gets access to one of the best-animated video making or explainer. Animated explainers videos could be on digital strategy marketing, learn web designing, how to generate backlinks. 


36. Animaker Voice

Animakervoice.com is a website that converts text to audio in a human-like voice. This feature can be used in animated or non-animated explanatory videos as a human-like voice can connect more with the audience or viewers. Explanatory videos can be on the topics like best website designing, interview questions digital marketing, SEO blogging and so on.

37.  Biteable

www.biteable.com is a website that offers professional online video making quickly. This website is used for making ads explainers videos and videos for social media. It also offers different effects, footage, and studio-quality in animation. The date in this is also secured safely. Video making could be on digital marketing & SEO, business logos designs, awareness branding.

38. Automic Email Hunter

Automic Email Hunter is an application that helps in getting an email address and user name from web pages. The app has very good features as it offers search by keywords and location and it has a cache search. It is very easy to use and its user-friendly interface makes it more comfortable for the user to use.


39. Recrutin

Recrutin.net is the website that helps in recruiting candidates from multiple websites like Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, XING, Stackoverflow, Viadeo & GitHub. This service is also free. It also helps in knowing the current employer of the candidate shot listed if any.

40. Data-miner

Data-miner.io is an extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft edge for getting data from the website in CSV format or excel format. It also protects the privacy and safety of the user. The user can make even custom extraction to get data from any site. 101 Digital Marketing tools Make your buisness successful.

Data miner.png

41. Visiospark

visiospark.com is a website that offers multiple tools for relating coding, meta keyword analyzer, and one major tool for digital marketing is a keyword density checker. it shows the density of keywords in the content on the website that helps in adding the keywords if there is a requirement to be added. It helps in SEO digital marketing, SEO audits, SEO in website.

42. SEOquake

SEOquake.com is a free plug-in for the browser that provides data on organic search data at the click of a button it is compactable with Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox. this tool helps in knowing the highly qualified prospects, it cost-effective in long run, it also gives a competitive advantage over the others and in also framing the marketing strategy.

43.  Moz

Moz.com is a website that provides services and tools for SEO site audits, backlinks analysis, keyword research. All these tools play a key role in digital marketing as these tools help in increasing the traffic for the website which would help in finding the prospective customer to the business. These tools also help in improving SEO in website, keywords for SEO, and audit websites.


44. Semrush

semrush.com is an all in one tool for search engine optimization(SEO), Social media marketing(SMM), Keywords research, Content Marketing, marketing insights, campaign management. This website provides the best services of SEO and keywords research with their tools. These tools help in getting better keywords for SEO, strategy for social media, optimizing social media.

45. Smallseotools

smallseotools.com is a website that offers multiple tools category for digital marketing in the following category Text content tools, Image editing tools, keywords tools, backlink tools, website management tools, website tracking tools, proxy tools, Domains tools, Meta tags tools, password management tools, Online PDF tools, development tools, Unit convertor tools, Binary converter tools. These tools are more than enough for digital marketing.


46. Bit.ly 

Bit.ly is an online website that is used for shortening URL links as a free and paid service and these services are priced at 3 different plans. Shortening of URL helps in getting live click data, it also makes links more manageable, they also promote sharing, further, they can also be transformed into social media service. 

47.  Spyfu

Spyfu.com is an online tool that is used for getting search engine optimization(SEO) and also getting the pay per click data(PPC). It also shows the keyword the websites buy on Google ads and also the keywords used for search engine results. This tool also does a competitor PPC and SEO competitor research.

48.  Alexa

Alexa.com is an online tool or website that identifies the website traffic and webpage ranking. this is a very good tool that helps in knowing the ranking of the user’s website and also the traffic for the website can be improved. This tool can be used for improving seo in website, keywords for seo, strategy of social media marketing.


49. Who.is

Who.is it is an online tool that is used in identifying the owner of a particular domain it also helps in knowing it and also provides a medium to contact them and get the domain registered. the major advantages of getting the domain registered are that it helps in establishing a business identity, Better branding of the business online, and also it improves the search engine ranking. improved search engine ranking include improved seo in website, seo strategies, online marketing for business

50. Appfollow

Appfollow.io is an app monitoring, app store optimization, and customer support medium. this tool helps in gathering and managing the user app’s and games data, it also improves the store ranking of the app published by the user, increases the conversion rate of the app, and also improves the app store optimization(ASO).101 Digital Marketing tools Make your buisness successful.


Amazon is a digital marketing tool for developers of mixed reality apps.It helps in virtual reality,Augmented reality and 3D.It also has *platform like Amazon,Lex for natural language for AI.Amazon has a huge strategy in building out its cloud business. https://aws.amazon.com/sumerian/


It started in 2014.Headjack is used for creating and customizing apps.It makes the business get trusted with their content management system.It develops digital marketing techniques with video apps.t helps in developing the high quality video apps in 360`.

.Headjack | VR and AR Video Distribution Without Borders


Insta VR is reliable in developing and creating an app with few clicks.Insta VR has the advantage of developing within an estimated time.It costs also at a fixed time.Using Insta VR platform can be published in one click.



Classcraft is a tool for online education.It helps with the interaction of students and teachers.It helps in levelling up the students career.It is a roleplaying game that students play together in the classroom.


  • BRIO

BRIO is used in cloud based techniques.It helps in AR,VR and 3D presentation.It is useful in transforming the content into photorealistic.It requires no coding and programming.It makes the audience interact.


  •  GET APP

Getapp is a resource for the online business.It helps the buyers to compare the products with the getapp tool.It gives the detailed data of the product.It feature is to research, validation,reviewing.



Habitica is an app that is a free habit and develops productivity.t helps to reach the goals.It makes the user healthy and happy minded in accomplishing goals.It is a game which helps in stay motivated and organized.

Habitica – Gamify Your Life


Evernote is a tool to create,organise,and share the content and ideas.It is one of the trusted products to work together.Its advantages is to save everything even personal moments,business projects,etc.,It is the most secured product and ready to use everywhere.



Spark is easy and helps in promoting business.Business ideas can be carried out with graphic designs and videos.It creates stunning social graphics.It can be done easily with one click by choosing a template and resizing to your own.

Adobe Spark | Easily Create Graphics, Web Pages, Videos & More


It is a tool to share the page. It used to create social media pages. It creates beautiful pages for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. With this tool the Images can be easily downloaded, with no sign in.

Pablo by Buffer


It helps in launching the business in social media space.It is one of the digital marketing techniques to connect with  the audience.It makes the brand get highlighted among others.Promotion is done with valuable content and conversation.101 Digital Marketing tools Make your buisness successful.



It helps in digital marketing with creation of beautiful designs.Designs can be done with templates and layouts.It has many free templates and layouts and has pro versions.It is one of the good tools for professionals and post can be done easily.with this designing website.

Canva: Graphic Design, Video Collage, Logo Maker – Apps on …


It helps in the digital marketing services.It helps in selling the product and gives guidance to the visitors.Landing page is created even without the knowledge of coding and programming     experience.It follows the visitors even after they leave the page.



It is one of the tools in digitalization marketing.It helps the business person to manage the business person and to grow.It makes the internet in marketing with powerful marketing automation software.It makes digital marketers grow in business with good campaigns and content.


It is the best digital marketing tool.It is the highly digital marketing strategy to boost the sales and increase the growth.It use the latest nodejs,nosql,php,mysql technology to give maximum performance.It won’t slow down the website.

Increase your online sales – Zotabox


It is a digital marketing technique  to retain the visitors.It is a much helpful tool in online marketing and in digital marketing services.Visitors movements  are tracked.It contains the pop up of discount count to end the sale.It helps digital marketers with high performing campaigns.


It is a platform to increase the advertising conversion rates. It creates a mobile responsive host click landing page without  a developer experience.It increases the visitor engagement and conversion with the target unique landing page experience. 



It is the online marketing strategy to get the audience.It gives a lot of guidance for the marketers.It is one of the best software products for the right customers.It helps the marketers to do big things even if they have small business.



Unbound is a platform to publish your strategies and ideas.It is a crowdfunding publishing platform.It helps efficiency ,transparency,and accessibility for the users.It executes the real ideas to happen.



It is the tool of social media marketing.It is the simplified tool for sending emails.It makes the ecommerce business development and developing landing page.Online marketers make use of these tools to retain the visitors and reach out better.



It  provides digital marketing services.It helps in the leading generation.It is powerful in accelerating the sales. It is a powerful website service that offers a complete CRM platform.



It is a google keyword planner.It is the tool to widen your business.Apps and documentation  development can be made here.It is to design,develop,and distribute the apps.

Google Play Console


It is used in SEO strategy.It is the app marketing tool.It helps to track and optimise the apps.It helps in tracking keywords,top charts,rankings,user ratings.



It is the google adword planner. It generates upto 750 long keyword ideas.This tool planner can be used freely.It helps in online marketing and digital marketing services..It is the SEO tool which helps in content creation.

Keyword Tool

  •   Fresh Store Builder

Fresh store builder is a platform where you can create an Amazon store easily. It is a very good platform if you want to make some commissions from Amazon. They have an easy-to-use interface and great support. Various other facilities are also available to the customers. If affiliate marketing is your thing, then definitely check this out. 

     76.  Blinkist

Blinkist is the tool that is used to get ideas in small packages. In this tool, ideas are shown in the form of notification. So we can search for any subject that needs to find a solution and read it. Blinkist provides a 7-day free trial and after that, you need to pay accordingly which plan you select. In this tool, you can explore 27 different categories of subjects and get ideas for your business. 

77. GoDaddy Pro

This tool is used for managing several websites from a single dashboard. It’s helpful for companies to manage all their clients in a small amount of time. GoDaddy Pro is a free tool, but if you want to explore all features, then you want to buy premium packs. 

The features provide by GoDaddy Pro are,

  • Back up                                 
  • Security
  • Performance
  • UpTime
  • SEO
  • Analytics

78.  Gartner






Gartner is a trusted advisor and an objective resource for more than 14,000 enterprises in 100+ countries. This tool is used worldwide in the digital marketing area in different types of industries. It’s not just only an advisor, the too provides some other services,

  • Research & Advisory
  • Conferences
  • Consulting
  • Digital Markets
  • Peer Insights

79. Scribd

Scribd is an online tool that is used for reading books. magazines, books, audiobooks, and documents are available here. Here available so many articles and books related to many categories of business to succeed. We can read free for 30 days after that we need to pay monthly.

80. Pilot Poster

This digital marketing tool is used for posts on different Facebook pages at the same time. Pilot posters offer customers a way to promote their business on Facebook and get much more exposure and sales. Customers can publish a post now and let the same post-run every day, week, or month. You get real-time statistics on every post you publish to Facebook.

81.  Sniply

Sniply is the marketing tool that helps to live conversion to every link that you share. Instead of sharing pages, we can shorten the link and share it across the web. Also, we can track the actions related to that link through sniply dashboard. It’s a productive method for companies to get traffic on their websites. They give the best tips and tricks for managing a successful social media marketing campaign with Sniply.

82. Audience

Audience insights and Audience connect are the major services provided by this tool. Audience will help toidentify relevant customers, discover amazing actionable insights and inform your strategies to grow your business. It helps to find your target audience and also there will be optioning to connect with them.

83.  Growth Hackers

GrowthHackers is a tool that provides so many services to grow your business. Content marketing, SEO, analytics, email marketing, design, product marketing, mobile marketing, metrics, and referral are the contents that are used in this tool. Here also you can publish posts, articles, videos, and slides. 

84. HubSpot

It’s also a tool similar to GrowthHackers. We get marketing, sales, and service software that help our business grow without compromise. HubSpot divides into four types of a hub, that is Marketing Hub(Marketing software to help you grow traffic), Sales Hub(Sales CRM software to help you get deeper insights into prospects), Service Hub (Customer service software to help you connect with customers), and CMS Hub(Content management software that’s flexible for marketers).  Getting access to HubSpot is free of cost but if you need more services, you want to pay. 

85. Shopify

It’s like an e-commerce website. You can start your business for free in Shopify and sell your product and services. This tool connects with different types of customers all over the world through different social media. In Shopify Create an e-commerce website backed by powerful tools that help you find customers. This digital marketing tool we can use up to 14 days of a free trial.

86.  Teespring

It’s a digital marketing tool used for creating your logos and print in any product and you can sell to customers. Teespring helps you with any stages in this business. Same as that of Shopify, it’s an e-commerce tool. This process is a simple one, log in to your Teespring account, select a product, design your logo, put a price, and sell in Teespring.

87.  Designrr

It’s a  digital marketing tool used for creating ebooks and publishing to get traffic to your website. U can publish to any website, Kindle, ePub, PDF, or Flipbook. Designrr helps to transform your Blog posts, Podcasts, Videos, and PDFs into eBooks, Show Notes, Dynamic Flipbooks, Transcripts, PDFs, and Web pages.

88.  Social mention

Social Mention is a social media search engine that searches user-generated content such as blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, and videos. You can search for any subjects and you get results related to keywords. This tool provides many pieces of information according to your queries and you can analyze them. 

89.  Talkwalker

Talkwalker connects social efforts to real business results and provides your management with instant reports. Compare your results to the competition, across every channel. Discover what customers think about your brands and products in real-time.  It’s a paid tool, but we get a free demo when you sign up in Talkwalker. 

90.  Sendy

It’s a digital marketing tool used for managing emails. Here you can send a bulk amount of emails at a low price and you can track them. Sendy uses Amazon Simple Email Services to send emails. 

Features provide by Sendy are,

   1)Send newsletters                      2)Beautiful report

   3)white labeled client account      4)Autoresponders

   5)List segmentation                      6)List and subscriber management

   7)Custom field                              8)Blacklist

   9)Custom domain                       10)Housekeeping

 11)Third-party integration

91. Benchmark

Benchmark has made it a quick and easy process for anyone to create professional-looking emails to keep their customers and interested parties engaged. It’s an email marketing tool that helps to create advertisement posts and send them as bulk mails. So you can do the marketing in less time.

92. Mailchimp

It’s a digital marketing tool able to manage your business under one dashboard. It’s a simple process and also saves you time. Using Mailchimp sends the right message on all the right channels and also provides so many tools to build emails, social ads, landing pages, and postcards. Mailchimp will help you to reach the right people, create better content, automate your marketing, and take action with their insights. It’s a free tool but there is an option to upgrade to premium. 

93. Clever Reach

Clever Reach also an email marketing tool for simplifying your business. It can manage up to 250 recipients and send 1000 emails per month for free. This marketing tool also provides many email editing options to create your newsletter even easier and faster. It’s a free digital marketing tool you can explore without limits. Not only the sending mails but also you can track the emails. They will introduce new email editing kits in the future.

94. Juvlon

We can send 20000 emails to 3000 recipients for free. Juvlon provides powerful emails and SMS automation platforms. In this tool, we get a variety of email templates and other editing options. Juvlon provides so many features are triggers, personalization, multichannel marketing, customized journeys, A/B testing, and email, SMS API.

95. SendinBlue

Sendinblue is the smartest and most intuitive platform for growing businesses. Thrive digitally as they guide your business with the right marketing & sales tools. Here we get several options so we can work smartly. The features they provide are email marketing, SMS marketing, chat, and inbox.  It’s a free email marketing tool to connect your clients and grow your business.

96.  Send Check it

Many company’s advertisements and promotions are sent through emails. So there will be a chance to end that as a spam message. So, Send checkit is a solution for that. In this tool, we can check the email subject and we get a score. If that score is less then there will be a chance to become spam. Also, they give suggestions to make a better subject to send proper emails.

97.  SubjectLine

SubjectLine is another email spam checker. Results from this tool are based on 3 billion+ email messages that have been sent and tracked via SubjectLine. Here we also need to enter subjects and get a score, if the score above 95 it will be a good subject. We can use it in emails. Along with results they provide reports, where we lose scores and give proper suggestions. So we can build good quality subjects to make sure clients receive our emails in the inbox. 

98.  Leopathu

It’s another tool related to email marketing. Leopathu is used for verifying emails. It checks the status of emails which entered whether it’s valid or not. The main feature of this tool is we can give a bulk amount of emails as input at a time. But we need to give input in the form of .csv files. Leopathu will verify all those emails and show results. ‘Extracting emails’ option also available in Leopathu.

99.  Email checker

Same as leopathu, Email checker used for email verification. But there is no option for verifying bulk emails. We want to give input one by one. Email checker extracts the MX

records from the domain records and connects to the email server (over SMTP and also simulates sending a message) to make sure the mailbox exists for that user/address. Some mail servers do not cooperate in the process, in such cases, the result of this email verification tool may not be as accurate as expected.

100. IDPLR

IDPLR is a digital marketing tool used to sell, edit or claim products. Ebooks, videos, graphics, templates, articles, and audios are the product which IDPLR deals with. This tool daily releases new products. 12500+ PLR products are available in this tool. It’s a free tool to bring more pieces of information and knowledge to the digital marketing area.

101.  School 4 SEO

School 4 SEO is a tool that will help you to know all the questions and answers related to the SEO industry. There are a lot of exams and answers to all the questions. If you would like to enhance your SEO knowledge and skill set, then definitely check out this website. It is really a knowledge base for digital marketers and businesses. 

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