Mobile apps penetration security testing

The Mobile apps penetration security testing is a form of security testing used to analyze security from inside of a mobile environment. That built on OWASP mobile application security verification standard. This process concentrates on client-side safety, file system, hardware, and network security. Vingsfire is one of the best penetration testing services company in India. Find the best hacking linux solutions!

The mobile apps penetration security testing strategy should include a penetration test for before, during, and after deployment. Using the right mobile penetration application testing tools can secure the data, protect the integrity of the applications used, and limit the potential exposure in any case of a breach.

Mobile Penetration Testing Stages



Requires the pentester to obtain information that is crucial in knowing events that lead to the successful exploitation of mobile applications. Gathering of intelligence is the most important stage in a penetration test.vingsfire provides the best Mobile apps penetration security testing services.



Penetration tester trying to exploit discovered vulnerabilities to take profit of the mobile application in a manner not meant by the programmer initially didn’t expect.

The penetration tester acts upon the information discovered during the information-gathering process to attack the mobile application. A thoroughly well performed intelligence gathering ensures a high chance of successful exploitation and hence a successful project.



The analysis involves the penetration tester going through the mobile application and recognizing potential entry points and vulnerabilities that can exploit. The ability of discovering hidden cues that might shed light on the existence of the vulnerabilities might make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful penetration test.



It’s involves reporting and presenting the discovered results in a manner that makes sense to management. That is also the stage that separates a penetration test from an attack.

A fine report communicates to management in simple language, clearly indicating all the discovered vulnerabilities, consequences to the business and all possible recommendations.