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We have the ability to support a client’s entire recruitment process for full-time employees, from requisition open through candidate onboarding across the business, or for particular functions or locations. We take on all aspects of the hiring process and ensure your organization’s talent strategy aligns with your business goals, allowing your HR team to continue carrying out important daily tasks without interruption.

Vingsfire is the best RPO Company to have for your company’s recruitment process, HR consultancy, and employee consultancies.

  • Reduced Recruiting Costs and increase Efficiency
  • Scalable Recruiting Capacity
  • Reduce time to hire
  • Increased Candidate Quality
  • Finding the best fit
  • Enhanced Employment Brand
  • Risk Limitation
  • Hiring regulation
  • Defined Process
  • Managing the compliances made easy
  • Broder talent pool

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

RPO stands for recruitment process outsourcing. The ultimate aim of this service is to effectively manage all the recruitment process from sourcing to onboarding of the fittest candidate so you can devote your time and efforts to achieve the set goals of the organization.
Vingsfire is the best RPO Services company in Chennai.

The great thing about Talent Works RPO is it doesn’t just meet basic recruitment needs, but it can completely rehaul your entire recruitment process. This results in much more refined, qualified talent pools and higher retention rates.
Vingsfire is the best RPO Services company in Chennai.

There are so many firms providing Recruitment Outsourcing Services out there. It is difficult to choose one of them. Here’s one I would suggest as I had preferred choosing them as RPO service provider for my small business. Vingsfire is the best RPO Services company in Chennai.

RPO is a rising industry in India, as it is in much of the world. RPO is actually one of the fastest growing segments of HR outsourcing, and many Indian RPO providers are part of the trend. These companies are able to serve organizations within India as well as the rest of the globe, providing cost savings and increased efficiency by outsourcing components of the recruitment process. Global organizations looking to improve recruitment quality and scale can rely on the RPO industry in India.
Vingsfire is the best RPO Services company in Chennai.

RPO has evolved to become agile, creative and candidate-focused. This model of outcome-based remote hiring uses technology to boost the candidate experience. As we see more tactical support from remote RPOs in the recruitment industry, it is evident that many recruitment agencies would benefit from remote RPO support.
Vingsfire is the best RPO Services agency company in Chennai.

Recruiters have now decided to try all possibilities in order to get the required and meet hiring needs. Hence they prefer relying on technology more and hence technology will be necessity. Hence new interviewing trends are on rise such as video interviewing, online assessments. In terms of frontline hiring, such online assessments bring efficiency by up to 40—60% into IT companies. Overall, this has increased hiring efficiency by 50 -60 %. The RPO service enables qualitative technology oriented recruiting into IT and other sectors.
Vingsfire is the best RPO Services agency company in Chennai.

HR team provides a comprehensive human resource services to the company.Use effective methods for recruiting and selection processes; policy development & management; employee training and development programs, help recruiters gain an efficient ascendancy over your enterprise.
Adjusting to the ever-changing recruitment models are having HR departments take a hard, new look at Recruitment Process Outsourcing, or RPO companies. In many ways, RPO recruiting is more vital today than ever before, as it has morphed in response to the changing nature of work and the workforce.

Vingsfire is the best RPO Services agency company in Chennai.

An RPO is a real expansion of the business and a vital partner in developing a vision for achieving company targets.
RPO can have a positive and transformational impact on the entire enterprise from helping to build the employer's brand and attract more talent to using talent analysis to constantly improve & streamline the employment process.
Following are the benefits of the RPO: Quality of hires, Cost Reduction, Scalable Model, Reduce Time to Hire, Talent Pool, Experienced recruiters, Recruitment Process and Assessment Design, Analytics and Reporting, Stakeholder Engagement etc.
Vingsfire is the best RPO Services agency company in Chennai.

Staffing provides you, temporary workers, based on your requirements. Their working model is based on the requisition-to-requisition approach. If you are having a sudden shortage of employees or you want employees of a specific skill set for a particular project but do not want to permanently hire them. Staffing works for you. Their pricing estimates depend upon every successful recruitment the company makes.
RPO, on the other hand, manages the client’s entire recruitment lifecycle, operating as a seamless business partner. They aim to create a strategic recruitment plan to shortlist, recruit and retain high-quality, full-time, and skilled employees. RPO is less costly and more effective. The difference is simple and precise. More hiring volume means choosing RPO whereas low hiring volume means going with the Staffing.
Vingsfire is the best RPO Services agency company in Chennai.

Recruitment process outsourcing helps your team focus on their HR core activities. Without RPO, HR employees are asked to recruiting tasks on top of their daily routine.
RPO is not a complicated and time consuming process. Actually proves to be time-saving and effective because the full scope of recruiting tasks is taken care of by qualified professionals.
Vingsfire is the best RPO Services agency company in Chennai.

Though both BPO and RPO are different, they work toward a common goal i.e. to enhance your overall business.
RPO is basically a subsidiary of BPO or you may refer it as an extension of the HR department, on-site or off-site. It handles the recruitment process on behalf of the employer and is often times used for both high-volume recruitment as well as short to medium roles on a project-to-project basis.
BPO, on the other hand, is the process of contracting all the non-essential business tasks (minus the recruitment process) to the 3rd-party service provider.

Vingsfire is the best RPO Services agency company in Chennai.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a specialty within recruiting where an external provider acts as a company's internal recruitment function for a portion or all of its jobs. Typically the recruiters are deployed to the client's business premises on a fully outsourced,
Vingsfire is the best RPO Services agency company in Chennai.

RPO stands for Recruiting Process Outsourcing. RPO companies provide recruiting services to the client. They provide either full life cycle recruiting or part of the recruiting cycle. They can provide either a recruiter or more recruiters, depending on clients need.
Recruitment from RPO agencies becomes important in the below cases:-
The sudden spike in volumes:-
Suddenly your organization has more requisitions to fill than before, and your team can't handle it. Then you can take services of RPO that can help you fill in your requirement easily.
Cost Reduction:-
One of the prime advantages of RPO is its cost-effectiveness. The bottom line is that RPO saves companies money in the long run. RPO providers can scale up and scale down their recruitment activity to match the fluctuating hiring needs of the client.
Project-based need:-
Sometimes your organization has requirements for a particular project or completing one business unit or new location.
Reduced Time to Hire:-
RPO resource models scale to overcome the challenge of tight time to hire deadlines. Most RPO providers will have established time to hire models.

Vingsfire is the best RPO Services agency company in Chennai.