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Top Whatsapp groups your way to success


TOP WHATSAPP GROUPS YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS – What you will do when you first wake-up in the morning? Most of us would do watching their mobiles. Mobile has been part of our lives these days. Almost everything is possibly done on a mobile phone, from the small work to the most important work. In the past, we had been spending a lot of money to send messages to others, but now it has all changed at once by the developing technology. With the increase in technology the features of mobile phones also gets increased, it has both good and bad adverse effects on the users.

Today we will look at how social messaging apps have gained importance in developing technical knowledge for its users and helping them to have jobs.

There are huge numbers of social messaging apps present in the world in which some of those apps have been used predominantly by the users in their day to day life. Some of the most used social messaging apps are:

  1. Whatsapp
  2. Facebook messenger
  3. Telegram
  4. Viber
  5. WeChat
  6. Skype
  7. Hangouts
  8. Line
  9. Jio Chat

In this list, Whatsapp is increasing its user in a mammoth amount every day. It has around 2billion users in 180 countries. Over 2 billion minutes of voice and video calls are made on Whatsapp on a daily basis. Around 1 billion people use WhatsApp every day. It was acquired by Facebook for $19billion, which has its main products Facebook, Facebook messenger, and Instagram, etc.

Most of them are easing their work by using Whatsapp it helps in sharing documents, files, messages and it acts as a bridge for transferring knowledge to its users from every corner of the world.  In WhatsApp groups a large number of  knowledge is transferred, students and employees use WhatsApp groups to learn new technologies and to gain jobs from the notifications of these groups.

Educational purpose WhatsApp groups and communities:

Whatsapp gives a number of advantages and possibilities to its users to share information in groups where its users can take online classes, can get free books and materials, and mainly can get free advice about education, technology, and business from the experts for free.

Types of WhatsApp Technical educational groups:

  1. Current affairs groups
  2. Programming groups
  3. Business learning groups
  4. Networking learner groups
  5. Information security learner groups
  6. Content learning groups
  7. Information technology updates groups
  8. Web and mobile app development learner groups

To gain knowledge open WhatsApp educational groups are listed for your networking below:

  1. Java learners group – https://bit.ly/2C5ixYh
  2. python learners group – https://bit.ly/3dWMuaz
  3. Ruby/Ruby on Rails group – https://bit.ly/2VJlBAp
  4. HTML learners group – https://bit.ly/3ivLhum
  5. JavaScript group – https://bit.ly/3dUAw0X
  6. C Language group – https://bit.ly/2ZvVuOw
  7. C++ Language group – https://bit.ly/38nQpMg
  8. C# Language group – https://bit.ly/2D6UQQ5
  9. Objective-C group – https://bit.ly/2VJ37zZ
  10. PHP group – https://bit.ly/2Arpbb7
  11. SQL group – https://bit.ly/2YTrX2g
  12. Swift group – https://bit.ly/3dZCrkO
  13. Angularjs group – https://bit.ly/3f035vs
  14. NodeJS group – https://bit.ly/2Bpp2pb
  15. ReactJS group – https://bit.ly/2BZ94C6
  16. Prolog Language group – https://bit.ly/2Avx3bE
  17. GO Language group – https://bit.ly/3eXdlo9
  18. Erlang group – https://bit.ly/3itfxWE
  19. Assembly group – https://bit.ly/2VCSUVV
  20. Kotlin group – https://bit.ly/2ZzrBNh
  21. TypeScript group – https://bit.ly/2Zw61cI
  22. SQL DBA hub – https://bit.ly/3eV53wU
  23. Cybersecurity community – https://bit.ly/2NUz18m
  24. Web application community – https://bit.ly/3ipSUSX
  25. Mobile app community – https://bit.ly/2NSfNAm
  26. Ios application community – https://bit.ly/2YTHiQc
  27. Ethical hackers groups – https://bit.ly/3dVuVaS
  28. Cloud security experts – https://bit.ly/2VHTAJA
  29. UI designer tutorials – https://bit.ly/38nSXKk
  30. UX designer tutorials – https://bit.ly/2Zw7wrm
  31. Technology information – https://bit.ly/2BxKb0c
  32. Indian entrepreneurs – https://bit.ly/3eZu5en
  33. Local Business Portal – https://bit.ly/2YWfg6U
  34. Business for youngsters – https://bit.ly/3eXwENZ
  35. StartUps hub – https://bit.ly/3eUOpO8

Job-based Whatsapp groups:

Information technology is a vast area in which it contains different fields, new technologies get developed every minute. This sector alone generates more jobs than any other sector. Being an IT employee improves your carrier and knowledge day by day. Each and every field in it has a number of opportunities to attain a job. Every single work has a group in WhatsApp which has large benefits to its members like gaining information from experienced professionals.

 Job notification posting open groups are listed for your networking:

  1. SQL DBA jobs – https://bit.ly/2NUATho
  2. Logo Designer jobs – https://bit.ly/2NTO2Yc
  3. Game Designer jobs – https://bit.ly/31HmP2Q
  4. Web Designer jobs – https://bit.ly/2YVt4hX
  5. Mobile app designers jobs – https://bit.ly/3goBTXg
  6. Web app Developers jobs – https://bit.ly/2NRwYSz
  7. Interior designer Jobs – https://bit.ly/3gsp4eN
  8. SEO jobs – https://bit.ly/38t9BYX
  9. SEM jobs – https://bit.ly/38pu5BT
  10. social media marketing job –https://bit.ly/3eW92cP
  11. Digital marketing jobs- https://bit.ly/2ZCLG5z
  12. Content Management jobs – https://bit.ly/3itJrtV
  13. Mobile Marketing & Ad jobs – https://bit.ly/2ZxJ88L
  14. Resume Writing jobs – https://bit.ly/2BziYud
  15. Content writers jobs – https://bit.ly/2C2LAvT
  16. Proofreading jobs – https://bit.ly/3ipac2p
  17. Blog writer jobs – https://bit.ly/2C0tYAD
  18. Online tutor jobs – https://bit.ly/3gpl8vi
  19. Web Content create jobs – https://bit.ly/3iuV2IX
  20. Book & eBook Writing jobs – https://bit.ly/31G1RBz
  21. Logo Animator jobs – https://bit.ly/2C0uI8T
  22. Visual Effects jobs – https://bit.ly/3eYyrCn
  23. Game Trailer creator jobs – https://bit.ly/2BAXMnt
  24. Product Photography jobs – https://bit.ly/3dRhIQc
  25. Game Developer jobs – https://bit.ly/2YVCkCD
  26. Java developer jobs – https://bit.ly/3il19j0
  27. Python developer jobs – https://bit.ly/3ivZZS6
  28. Php developers jobs – https://bit.ly/3dVyde9
  29. Html developer jobs – https://bit.ly/2ZAdwPO
  30. Front-end developers jobs – https://bit.ly/2D0dBVa
  31. Back-end developers jobs – https://bit.ly/3f9xXd3
  32. Full-stack jobs – https://bit.ly/2Bzu3vh
  33. Support & IT jobs – https://bit.ly/3gssYEt
  34. Cybersecurity jobs – https://bit.ly/3eYzMZV
  35. Data Analyst jobs – https://bit.ly/31I57fB
  36. Databases developer jobs – https://bit.ly/3ituGHi
  37. Market Researcher jobs – https://bit.ly/2YT3pX0
  38. Product Researcher jobs – https://bit.ly/38p7EN4
  39. Business Planer jobs – https://bit.ly/2D76oCV
  40. Branding & Services jobs – https://bit.ly/3eVdqZm
  41. Game Creator jobs – https://bit.ly/3iyKVmL
  42. Character Modeling jobs – https://bit.ly/3dTXzc7
  43. User Testing Jobs – https://bit.ly/3e37qNa
  44. E-Commerce Marketing jobs – https://bit.ly/2AsfxVJ
  45. Influencer Marketing jobs – https://bit.ly/3iuY28b
  46. Book Writer jobs – https://bit.ly/31IlEQS
  47. 2D Designer jobs – https://bit.ly/3dYL3bv
  48. 3D Designer jobs – https://bit.ly/2ZDasCk
  49. Email Marketing jobs – https://bit.ly/2VLUCEy
  50. Social Media Designer – https://bit.ly/31BRvTk
  51. Bloggers spot – https://bit.ly/2BZX5nG
  52. System Administrator jobs – https://bit.ly/31I7HSP

Hope These  TOP WHATSAPP GROUPS YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS Groups will make your life better.


Whatsapp is an app creating convenience for communication, saving time and money. It has a number of advantages like it gives connectivity, sharing, call over data, group messaging and broadcasting, and many more. Its main advantage is that it can spread the knowledge all over the world in a matter of time which will be useful to poor students to perceive their desire.

To extend our community to get more benefits and services free of cost. We should hold hands together. Kindly comment on your groups that are similar to the above list to make it bigger and to reach more people to get benefits.

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