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What are the best startups companies dealing in mobile apps development in Chennai?

mobile apps developer companies
Mobile apps developer companies in Chennai

Mobile phones have become a necessity for each and every human being and its uses are not limited to calling and receiving messages rather than extended to other activities such as chatting, social networking, playing games, online shopping, bank transactions etc… All these activities are possible through mobile phones. All these smartphones comes with smart apps that make your personal and professional work easy in a few seconds. Mobile apps developer companies in Chennai are involved in creating worlds best user friendly applications for global users.

Mobile app usage – Statistics

Mobile applications, commonly referred to as apps, are software developed for use on wireless mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Apps are designed with the limitations and features of mobile devices in mind. For example, a game could make use of a smartphone’s accelerometer, or a drawing pad app could make use of a tablet’s stylus. As compared to integrated software systems on computers, each mobile app typically offers a specific functionality. Gaming apps are the most popular category among Apple users, accounting for 25 percent of active applications. Tools, communication, video players and edit, travel and local are the leading Android app categories worldwide. The fastest-growing app verticals in 2018 were mid-core games, ride-hailing and taxi apps, sports games, and video apps. 

While some devices have apps pre-installed, users can select apps through applications stores such as the Google Play store for Android, the Apple App Store for iOS and the Amazon Appstore. Google Play generates the largest amount of worldwide app downloads. In 2019, app users downloaded 21.3 billion apps from Google Play. However, the Apple app store dominates the market in terms of consumer spending, taking 64 percent share of worldwide consumer spending on app stores. By 2023, mobile apps are projected to generate over 9935 billion U.S. dollars through paid downloads and in-app advertising

With the global number of mobile phone users growing steadily, the number of app downloads is also projected to increase. As of 2019, over 2 million apps are available for download on the Google Play store, while 1.83 million apps are available on the Apple App Store. Retention rates, however, have not seen a corresponding upward trend. The global app retention rate after 10 sessions stood at 32 percent in 2019, a decrease from 38 percent in the previous year. In total, a quarter of mobile apps were only used once after downloading

If you are looking for a app development companies with a great mobile app idea for the first time, and you are not a programmer. You will apparently start looking for a responsive, competent and trustworthy company to work with.

We have assumed that you want to start the mobile application Development for your business. Then, you think that the mobile app Development will take you to the next step.

It does not matter if the mobile Apps developer companies in Chennai are small, medium or large scale, mobile app development is a marketing tool for all.

These are the key point on which Mobile apps Developer companies in Chennai should work. If companies will fit in these requirements, then you are good to go.

Although just in case you need my opinion I will be a companies down in the answer, you can go through with companies and hire them according to your preferences.

1. Static Or Dynamic.

As per your requirement ask, company if they are able to make static or dynamic application as per your choice. Then you can go further. The static application is those which installed once and have offline access every time. While dynamic applications are connected to server or database. When connected these applications are loaded from to central server so it changes to all devices dynamically.

2. Platform of launching

Ask whether the company is able to provide the application as per your decision. If they are ready to launch on Android, IOS, or Windows or any other? Whether they will provide an option from the native application or hybrid application that you want in your application.

3. Check Portfolio of Mobile App Company

Know where the company had previously worked. Ask them. Know the qualifications and see what other customers have given to that company. So you can have an idea about their work and politics. And you will know whether the company keeps its promises on time or not.

4. Check Delivering

Always check the delivery time of projects because it depends on the reliability of on-time project delivery.

5. Maximum Utilization

Check if the company is using the resources in an optimal way. See that you are not creating waste or time and resources. It will be a huge unnecessary cost to you if you have useless resources. So check the usage pattern of the company. Team of Developers & Designers

6. Ask about the products Development Process

Ask for the method they follow for the projects. Nowadays the agile methodology is a good practice that companies take. So check if the company is following an agile methodology. Currently, the products require a fast response time and iterative development cycles. What method do you follow for the maintenance of the project?

7. Ongoing Support

Pre-decide with the company about its maintenance policy for an application. If they are taking extra charges for maintenance? The mobile application is a subjective issue that receives changes at random intervals. So decide in advance for the maintenance of the application.

8. outsourcing

Some companies are accepting projects and subcontracting due to their low cost. But its quality is not up to par. So make sure that the company is not making the application remotely.

9. Transparency

Consult the company’s transparency policy. Whether they are showing their work process or not. If a company maintains confidentiality, you can request a review at any time.

10. Dedicated Team

You should always whether the team is well experienced and they are ready to work with you as a team because at the end of the day you will be working with many people at the same platforms.

  1. Vingsfire HRIM Pvt ltd It is one of the best mobile apps development companies headquartered in Chennai.Their expertise lies in building IoT, Android and ios applications supported by a strong cloud based backend infrastructure. They are into development of mobile apps for B2B, B2C & B2E business environment. Vingsfire is rated top mobile app development companies in Chennai

Vingsfire is reviewed best leading mobile apps developer companies in Chennai and also a top game development company that they hold efficient developers to build products and transform ideas into mobile applications in the digital space. 

What are the Qualities of a Productive Mobile App Development Team?

  • Qualified Team Management
  • Deadline Completion
  • Joint Cooperation
  • Proficiency Level Compliance
  • Mutual Respect

Tasks That Your Mobile App Development Team Will Carry Out

  • Draft Mobile App Development Plan
  • Create SRS Documents
  • Prototypes Building
  • UX Design Building
  • Structure Development
  • Testing and Quality Assurance

Why Choose Us : mobile app development companies

  • The main aim is client’s success
  • 24/7 communication
  • Security
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Usability
  • Scalability
  • Get technology supporting your long-term growth plans
  • Provides strong analysis
  • Affordable Cost
  • High experience and dedicated developers
  • Listen and Understand business needs
  • Quick Response

Our Key Services:

  • We will allocate a Project Manager who keeps you updated about the project progress and seek our guidance as and when required.
  • All our projects are covered by 100% Money Back Guarantee to give complete peace of mind to us.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • By default, all our projects are NDA bound and they never showcase our project in their portfolio without your explicit permission.
  • We provide comprehensive 120-day corrective maintenance.
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Affordable Pricing
  • We are one of the most affordably priced markup services in the market space.
  • Loyalty Discounts
  • We offer 10% loyalty discounts to us on repeat order. Vingsfire is reviewed best mobile app development companies in Chennai.
  • OpenXcell – Established in 2008, it is a mobile app development company known for delivering innovative solutions and engaging apps. Their team comprises of more than 200 software engineers, technology consultants and creative designers.
  • Swenson He – They develop high value, high impact mobile app solutions. The firm was founded in 2014 by two MIT alumni Nick Swenson and Chao He seeking to fulfill the increasing need of the companies and organizations to build sophisticated and robust mobile apps. Although they are not very old still they have managed to build reputation in small time.
  • Consagous Technologies – It is a premier mobile app development company with expertise in iPhone, Android, Hybrid and Windows App Development. The company has over 10 years of experience of delivering powerful mobile app solutions to clients all across the globe. It provides full array of mobile services from its offices in Texas, Melbourne and Madhya Pradesh.
  • Algoworks – It is an awarded mobile app design and development company based out of California & Noida. It was established in 2006. Their team has has developed 100+ apps for different companies.They follow agile methodology for mobile app development. Their key clients are ICG Commerce, Rehab Builders, Generis, Euro Blaze, DATA CON etc.
  • IndiaNIC Infotech Ltd. – It is a premier company providing end-to-end digital, technology and marketing services. The company offers futuristic and functional business apps for all the Android devices. It was established in 1997. They have delivered more than 8000 projects in diversified industries.
  • Hidden Brains Infotech – The company provides IT consulting and Enterprise Solutions in India catering to various technology platforms across diverse industry domains worldwide from eLearning, healthcare, retail, oil and gas, energy & utilities, travel, transportation & hospitality. The company has more than 12 years of experience and their clients are spread across 97+ countries.
  • S-PRO – The firm has more than 5 years of experience in Mobile application development. The company has more than 100 full time employees. They have provided services to customers present in more than 27 countries worldwide. They have provided more than 50 services to different industries.
  • Quy Technology – The company was established in the year 2010. The company provides Mobile and Web software development services.They provide end to end solutions starting from conceptualization to deployment and support. They have expertise in niche technology services on mobile application development, consulting and outsourcing. They have an extensive experience and strong skills in mobile software development.
  • RipenApps – They have expertise in Mobile app development. They are an ISO certified company and follow Lean agile approach of programming. They have delivered their services to customers in more than 18 countries. They have delivered more than 120 projects. Their key clients are Resomind LLC, Dell EMC, Go Green LLC etc.

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