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Multi Vendor Pet Management App

What We Provide In Pet Management App

   Creating a pet management app can be a great idea to connect pet owners with the products they need.

  • Pet profiles: The app allows you to create profiles for each of your pets, where you can store important information such as their name, breed, age, gender, and any specific medical or dietary needs.
  • Medical records: You can maintain a digital record of your pet’s medical history, including vaccinations, medications, surgeries, and vet visits. This feature helps you keep track of upcoming appointments and ensures
  • you have all the necessary information readily available.
  • Reminders and alerts: The app can send you reminders for various activities, such as scheduling vet visits, administering medications, or applying flea and tick treatments. You can set up customized reminders based on your pet’s specific needs.
  • Feeding and medication schedules: You can set up feeding schedules for your pets, including meal times, portion sizes, and dietary requirements. Additionally, the app can help you manage medication schedules, reminding you when it’s time to administer medications and tracking dosages.
  • Feeding and Nutrition: Pet management involves providing proper nutrition and feeding schedules for pets. This includes selecting appropriate food, portion control, and considering specific dietary requirements based on the pet’s age, breed, and health conditions.
  • Health Care: Managing a pet’s health involves regular veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, parasite control (fleas, ticks, worms), and preventive measures to ensure their overall well-being. Pet management also includes administering medication as prescribed and monitoring any health issues.
  • Exercise and Enrichment: Pets require regular exercise and mental stimulation to stay active and healthy. Pet management includes providing opportunities for physical activities like walks, playtime, and interactive toys. Mental enrichment can involve puzzle toys, training sessions, and engaging activities to prevent boredom and promote their mental well-being.
  • Organization and Reminders: A pet management app can help users stay organized by providing features such as feeding and medication reminders, vaccination schedules, grooming
  • appointments, and vet check-ups. This ensures that pet owners never miss important tasks and keeps their pets’ health and well-being on track.
  • Health Monitoring: Many pet management apps allow users to track their pets’ health data, including weight, exercise levels, and any specific medical conditions. Monitoring this information can help identify trends, detect potential health issues early on, and provide valuable data to veterinarians during check-ups.
  • Nutrition and Diet: Pet management apps often offer features related to pet nutrition, such as recommended portion sizes, meal schedules, and dietary
  • guidelines. These apps can help pet owners ensure that their pets receive a balanced diet, maintain a healthy weight, and address any specific dietary requirements.
  • Time frame
  • Cost of App –
  • Basic Apps: Basic apps with limited features and functionalities typically range from 2 lakhs
  • Medium Complexity Apps: Apps with moderate features and functionalities, user authentication, database integration, and API integrations can range from 6 lakhs
  • Complex Apps: Highly complex apps with advanced features, custom designs, real-time data synchronization, third-party integrations, and backend development can range from 10 lakhs or more.
  • Discovery and Planning: 20,000–100,000
  • Design: 20,000–100,000
  • Development: 80,000–400,000
  • Backend Development: 40,000–200000
  • Testing and Quality Assurance: 40,000–200,000
  • Deployment and App Store Submission: 15000 Rs (both Android and IOS)
  • Maintenance and Support: 10 – 15 % per year (Depending on the user volume)