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Employees features in ERP app

Employee advantages are any structure of compensation paid to personnel over and above ordinary earnings or wages. Employee advantages come in many types and are an essential section of the usual compensation bundle provided to employees.

ERP app for Employer features

One of the approaches to decorate the effectivity of a organization is the employment of an ERP software program system.

ERP app admin dashboard

ERP System Administration is a characteristic that manages Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, a suite of built-in commercial enterprise applications. ERP is as an awful lot a administration methodology as it is software–thus administration is extra than simply technical or operational–it is full enterprise manner guide to the enterprise.

ERP app

Core Features For ERP Employees

General work scheduled automatically

Schedule smarter and quicker with our tremendous and effective but easy-to-use worker agenda maker. Automatically generate conflict-free schedules, replica shifts, import schedules, and more.

erp app

Easy to scheduled maker

Whether you’re dragging an worker onto a shift schedule, or shifting a shift to a new date – the whole thing in our software program is visible and interactive, which capability you’ll spend much less time every day managing the worker agenda and extra time going for walks your commercial enterprise and motivating your team.

Real time scheduled updating budget

Our worker time table maker updates in actual time, that means that you’ll in no way lose your work via forgetting to keep your body of workers schedule. Humanity will even exhibit you in actual time the place you are overstaffed or understaffed on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis!

A collobrative employees scheduled maker

Let personnel set availability and deal with shift trading. Using our work agenda maker, you can retailer up to 80% of the time before spent scheduling by using enticing personnel and sharing scheduling responsibilities.

Create smarter scheduled

Use Humanity’s Schedule Maker Wizard to auto-generate schedules for your modern timeline. Fill open shifts in your time table mechanically or generate worker schedules based totally on previous trends.

Advanced Features For Employees

Rule based scheduled generator

Set policies to curb pointless additional time and unwelcomed undertime. Avoid worker fatigue with policies for most days in a row, every day and weekly hour and shift limits, and a whole lot more.

Multiple location departments

Create more than one areas and departments as needed. Manage them all with one account or divide your enterprise into crew debts with customized get entry to and permissions in ERP app.

ERP app

Forecast scheduled needs

Integrate factor of sale and different commercial enterprise information with your on line time table maker to forecast your business’s scheduling desires from week to week based totally on sales, foot traffic, and different essential KPIs.

Booking Management

Customer reserves a precise time of delivery for food and our food delivery app will assign the person based on their availability near the restaurant or customer’s residence.

Robust integration

Humanity syncs seamlessly with many of your favored enterprise functions to assist payroll and higher align your worker scheduling and personnel administration processes in ERP app.


Let personnel set availability and deal with shift trading. Using our work agenda maker, you can retailer up to 80% of the time before spent scheduling by using enticing personnel and sharing scheduling responsibilities.

Employer Features In ERP app

Automatic scheduling

Automatically generate conflict-free worker schedules in seconds the use of the Schedule Wizard. Once the wizard finishes, you have the possibility to evaluate and make any quintessential modifications earlier than publishing in ERP app.

Draft public scheduled

Humanity offers the capability to create schedules in a draft mode, making them unavailable to your staff. Publish the agenda with a click on of the mouse, and Humanity will take care of monitoring any modifications and notifying affected employees.


Multiple employees scheduler

Have greater than one man or woman in your enterprise that manages the scheduling? No problem. With Humanity you can provide character personnel get entry to to whichever schedules you want them to make shifts for. And it’s truly free.

Scheduled creative

Humanity’s on line agenda maker affords elements that enable you to time table personnel smarter via letting you work with the most modern-day and correct data. Know who is available, who is on overtime, who is on vacation, and more.

Create smart shift

Humanity’s time table maker approves you to create open shifts through specifying the quantity of personnel you want to work. Your personnel can then log in to pick out and pick the dates that they favor to work in ERP app.

Scheduled notifications

Every time you create new shifts, SMS and email notifications are dispatched to your team. Notifications can be dispatched out no longer solely for upcoming shifts, however additionally to contact personnel and notify them about shift trades, holiday requests, and new messages.

Unlimited scheduled

Easily create exceptional personnel schedules for every work group inside your organization in ERP mobile app. You can create and use as many schedules as you want.

Multiple shift and location

View the body of workers agenda on the other hand you like. See the complete schedule, or phase it by using area or division. Whatever makes the most sense for the supervisor viewing the schedule. You additionally have the alternative to view it your schedules in a monthly, weekly, each day or four-days at a time view.

Print shift scheduled

Keep up to date even on the go with Humanity’s worker scheduling ERP apps – with aid for all most important units consisting of iPhones, iPads, BlackBerry smartphones, and Android drugs and smartphones.

Shift confirmation

Confirm whether your personnel confirmed up. Did they come in late? Did they go away early? Tracking these variables lets in you to correctly maintain a file of of worker overall performance as nicely as construct correct weekly or month-to-month reviews based totally on schedules and time-clock statistics for accounting.

Free account setup

Send us your personnel time table in any layout and we are going to set it up for you at no cost.

Overnight shift scheduling

Does your commercial enterprise have hours that run around-the-clock? Scheduling these shifts doesn’t have to be hard. Humanity’s work time table software program handles in a single day shifts scheduling with ease.

Drag and drop interface

Everything in our work SCHEDULE maker is visible and interactive, which capacity that you’ll spend greater time on your commercial enterprise and much less time on your computer.

One on one training

Contact us to agenda a free one-on-one demo of our scheduling ERP software.

24/7 support

Our aid crew is standing via round the clock to reply all of your questions and assist you prevail with our worker scheduling ERP software.

ERP app

Admin Features in ERP app

Centralized database management

Firstly, the major advantage of an ERP device is the Centralized Database System. Each branch in an affiliation can get right of entry to the identical information. Thus, you can keep away from any concern of facts loss or working with incorrect data.

Improved productivity

The ERP machine saved a lot of time personnel have taken to end some works like record generation, stock administration, time sheet administration etc. Therefore, ERP structures are capable to computerize a lot of work which personnel did manually. In addition, it helps to keep away from a lot of statistics entry works. people and management can correctly make use of their time and strength that can enlarge productiveness of the company.

Effective revenue to cost management

ERP app offers a right define on the enterprise for the administration and economic experts of the business. In typical structure, you want to get severe guide reviews from a number branch which should be controlled, mistaken, or missing to get a right overview. But the use of ERP barring a lot effort from the user,management is capable to get a short overview of the system.

HR management

HR features performs an vital function in the fulfillment of an organization. It covers few key areas together with enrollment, training, payroll, staff management, time sheets, attendance and body of workers welfare and development. Nowadays ERP software program encompass HR administration also. Representative details, Payrolls, recruitment, contracts, go away management, and many others can be managed via the ERP software system.

Better examination

Availability of the centralized records helps in suitable evaluation about company activities. Most of the ERP’s accessible in the market supply customizable dashboards when they log in to the system. They can visualize the modern-day reputation of exceptional departments in actual time and can take vital actions.


An necessary characteristic of today’s one of the best ERP software structures are they can be tailor-made to go well with the purchaser requirements. As a result, most of the functions are impartial or can be coordinated with exclusive applications.

Good customer satisfaction

Earlier ERP structures focuses solely on modules that helps lower back workplace works. Presently majority of the ERP programming is coordinated with CRM administration software. Moreover, CRM successfully manages consumer data. Thus, it continues records of purchaser deals. These small print offers an grasp about the patron wishes and helps to create techniques for new lead generations.


Data silos lead to inefficiency, overlooked possibilities and departments working at cross-purposes. The primary, and perhaps most significant, gain of ERP software is a central view of imperative financial, operational and enterprise records that can be shared throughout the employer in near-real-time.

Real time inventory management

ERP software program permits to control stock in actual time. ERP device lets in to manipulate retail shops and distribution center. For corporations managing manufacturing and manufacturing administration stock performs a terrific role. As a result, they will have desirable grasp about the uncooked fabric on hand and incoming conveyances. So that they can efficiently deal with their production.

Effective reporting

Report technology grew to be an handy job with ERP app systems. Hence, With all the integral statistics accessible in the system, a lot of guide work can be avoided.

Multiple company management

Organizations are frequently geographically allotted be it one of a kind working facilities inside a metropolis or throughout an whole world. An ERP app device allows to manipulate greater than one organization via single ERP system. In simply a single database you can procedure transactions, function closings, and produce reviews for single businesses or reviews consolidated for an complete team of organizations.

Great scalability and integration

Having a device in region that can elegantly and proficiently accommodate your company’s increase is of utmost importance, and the proper ERP device makes it easy. Moreover, a proper ERP software development will be capable to be up to date with new highlights. Adding new performance to an ERP stage is easy with the proper software program vendor.

Additional Features in ERP app

Data analysis

Using information extra efficiently is a perennial precedence for CFOs and enterprise leaders alike, as Brain yard’s Winter 2020 survey showed. The energy of records evaluation is enabling personnel to collect a vast range of facts and spin it into actionable insights—on new enterprise possibilities as nicely as methods to optimize contemporary operations, decrease costs, spot fraud and higher serve customers in ERP app.


ERP software accounting points supply the potential to track, shop and analyze monetary data, such as debts payable (AP), bills receivable (AR), standard ledger (GL), budgets and forecasting. Systems might also function extra superior duties such as tax management, fixed belongings management, income consciousness and multi-currency reconciliation.

ERP app

Financial management

Financial administration is a complicated venture that includes planning, organizing and figuring out the pleasant use of money for a business. Financial leaders ought to music and use monetary records from all departments to make selections about, for example, capital projects, funding sources, money administration and monetary controls.

Supply change management

ERP app structures provide perception into a company’s provide chain administration (SCM) effectivity via monitoring demand, inventory, manufacturing processes, logistics and distribution. A wholly computerized and built-in furnish chain enhances operations via suggesting buy orders, work orders and switch orders throughout more than one locations. SCM structures can additionally assist set stock dreams and simplify distribution aid planning. Real-time statistics on a company’s grant chain helps perceive areas of inefficiency, presenting increased manage and administration over inventory.

Sales and relationship management

ERP app structures with built-in CRM additionally advantage advertising and income groups via making it less difficult for them to sell, upsell, generate costs and buy orders, forecast, manipulate commissions and music key important points like income margins and ratios.
Marketing groups may additionally advantage from an potential to power greater leads, shortly construct and execute campaigns and song client pastime via the income cycle.Sales and advertising groups use ERP features in shut connection with finance and operations colleagues to furnish a most fulfilling consumer ride via the whole income pipeline.

Customer relationship management

ERP app structures with built-in CRM elements carry purchaser relationship facts into the mix, increasing the view of the business. All consumer information—including contacts, order history, buy orders and prospect status—is in a shared, without difficulty handy database.

Human resources

The HR factor of an ERP app device acts as an end-to-end worker administration platform, dealing with payroll, hiring, onboarding, compensation management and timekeeping. Complex HR functions, like tax and advantages deductions, are automatic with ERP-connected HR software, which saves time and cash whilst lowering errors.


Better reporting is nearly as necessary to executives as greater nice statistics usage. ERP reporting modules assemble facts about enterprise operations into reviews that empower stakeholders to make greater knowledgeable decisions, beautify commercial enterprise techniques and pick out trouble areas earlier than the enterprise suffers. Reports may additionally encompass visible representations, such as charts, graphs and dashboards, with a bit of luck revealing traits and patterns to enhance commercial enterprise results.


ERP app as a feature obtained its start in manufacturing. Today’s structures create effectivity in manufacturing approaches via helping with product planning, sourcing uncooked materials, manufacturing monitoring and forecasting. Other elements consist of modules for meeting management, invoice of materials, work order management, shop-floor control, distribution planning and product tracking.

Tracking and visibility

ERP app systems enable organizations to track, floor and apprehend commercial enterprise metrics—a effective feature. They do this through facilitating companywide get entry to to near-real-time data, breaking down records silos and imparting reporting and evaluation for each and every component of enterprise operations.

Main Features For ERP app


Data system cause inefficiency, missed opportunities and departments performing at cross-purposes. the first , and perhaps most vital , advantage of ERP may be a central view of essential financial, operational and business data which will be shared across the organization in near-real-time.
ERP systems provide the means to develop business intelligence by turning that data into reports and insights that a corporation can use to re-allocate resources or maximize new market opportunities, among other actions.


ERP provides the power to automate repeatable business tasks, like payroll, order processing, invoicing, reporting and more. Automation minimizes the time spent on manual data entry, reduces errors and lets employees specialise in more value-added tasks.
The nature of an ERP system means data entered by one user is out there across the organization. So, for instance , a listing tracking module could automatically trigger a shipment and invoice available. That translates into more revenue and a far better customer experience. Or, line-of-business executives could automatically receive up-to-date reports on income and other metrics to tell decisions.

Data Analysis

Using data more effectively may be a perennial priority for CFOs and business leaders. the facility of knowledge analysis is enabling employees to collect a good sort of information and spin it into actionable insights—on new business opportunities also as ways to optimize current operations, reduce costs, spot fraud and better serve customers.


Better reporting is nearly as important to executives as simpler data usage. ERP reporting modules compile information about business operations into reports that empower stakeholders to form more informed decisions, enhance business processes and identify problem areas before the business suffers. Reports may include visual representations, like charts, graphs and dashboards, hopefully revealing trends and patterns to enhance business results.

Tracking visibility

ERP platforms allow companies to trace , surface and understand business metrics—a powerful feature. they are doing this by facilitating companywide access to near-real-time data, breaking down information silos and offering reporting and analysis for each aspect of business operations.


ERP accounting features deliver the power to trace , store and analyze financial data, like accounts payable (AP), assets (AR), ledger (GL), budgets and forecasting. Systems may perform more advanced tasks like tax management, fixed assets management, revenue recognition and multi-currency reconciliation.

Financial management

Financial management may be a complex task that involves planning, organizing and determining the simplest use of funds for a business. Financial leaders must track and use financial data from all departments to form decisions about, for instance , capital projects, funding sources, cash management and financial controls.
ERP systems assist finance teams with the management process by tracking, analyzing and reporting critical business data. In large, complex organizations, ERP systems are necessary tools for sound financial management.

Supply chain management

ERP systems offer insight into a company’s supply chain management (SCM) efficiency by tracking demand, inventory, manufacturing processes, logistics and distribution. a totally automated and integrated supply chain enhances operations by suggesting purchase orders, work orders and transfer orders across multiple locations.
SCM systems also can help set inventory goals and simplify distribution resource planning. Real-time data on a company’s supply chain helps identify areas of inefficiency, providing greater control and management over inventory.
Marketing teams may enjoy a capability to drive more leads, quickly build and execute campaigns and track customer activity through the sales cycle.
Sales and marketing teams use ERP functions in close reference to finance and operations colleagues to supply a superior customer experience through the whole sales pipeline.