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What We Provide In Doctor Consultation App

Features for patient in doctor consultation app

here a patients can book appointments for doctor consultation in doctor consultation app.

Features for doctors in Doctor consultation app

here a doctors can clear all doubts and needs for patients with end to end an informative in doctor consultation app.

Admin features for doctor
consultation app

Once the user has signed up with their social media account, the admin used to and the Admin can manage the real-time analytics of the number of patients can booked our doctor consultations.

doctor consultation app

Features for Customers

Sign up

It is one of the most fundamental facets any medical doctor medical doctor consultation app improvement need to have. On-Demand Doctor consultation App Developer suggests the customers can signal in directly, and the more modern customers can register.

Finding a specific doctor for consulting

This is supposed to be one of the most essential components as a long way as developing a clinical primarily based Doctor consultation app is concerned. In this unique section, the affected person tends to search for a particular physician or professional in accordance to his needs. For instance, if he is struggling from a cardiac problem, he would seek advice from a cardiologist.

Look for nearby doctors

On-Demand one of the nice Doctor consultation App Developer suggests the sufferers can additionally search for the docs they can seek advice from in a comparable specialization. The sufferers can search for the medical doctors based totally on some parameters, inclusive of popularity, ratings, or location. Above all, sufferers are free to select a fitness expert as per their preference.

Create a user profile

A affected person can create their profile on the app, and it can incorporate the whole lot from a modern clinical condition, ailments of the past, physicians consulted in the past. Besides this, the small print can additionally consist of age, blood group, and others.

E medical report

Under this feature, the sufferers can immediately get entry to their reports, and then they can ahead the identical to the doctors. After seeing the e-medical reports, the medical doctors can seek advice from and prescribe the medicines accordingly.

Ease of finding specialist

A doctor’s appointment reserving gadget is normally blended with the platform with doctors’ profiles checklist precise clinics or locations. It capacity that a affected person can without difficulty discover a professional if they are having a trouble that desires a precise form of expertise. Doctor profile listings in the medical doctor consultation
app can put sufferers in contact with the proper medical doctor besides the want for time-consuming smartphone calls simply with effortless filters and search functionality.

doctor consultation app

Appointment booking

Now as soon as he chooses a medical doctor for consulting, the subsequent step would be scheduling an appointment. When he is reserving an appointment, the affected person normally has to fill out a structure the place he mentions his name, age, gender, a hassle he is struggling from, its seen symptoms, previous clinical records in short, and so on.

Inbuild payment options

So, if you go systematically step with the aid of step, then needless to say the affected person can pay the charges to the medical doctor for taking his precious recommendation after the consultation. As we are transferring closer to a cashless system, you can construct the price gateway choice so that the person can without difficulty pay the prices hassle-free.

Medical progress tracking

The goal of each clinical therapy is to display and hold tune of its progress. Collect scientific facts and grant remedy development to sufferers inside the software via therapy records of shared files, X-rays & Prescriptions all small print in health practitioner Doctor consultation app .

Sharing is caring

Enable sufferers to share X-rays, prescriptions, clinical reviews to save and share thru a HIPAA well matched Doctor consultation app. The convenient sharing of documents helps to take the cure procedure further

doctor consultation app

Option for video call conference

It would do a world of accurate to the customers if you are presenting the facility of stay chatting or video calling with the doctor. The sufferers will have direct one-to-one interplay with their medical practitioner for which they don’t have to pay a go to to their clinic.

Instant persnolization

Going real-time right away will allow sufferers to get instant assist on remedies proper from their home. With real-time chat, medical doctors and medical practitioner can chat in real-time to immediately response on treatments.

Live video features

Professionals who work at Doctor consultation App Development Company recommend that there is no query to seek advice from the clinical expert for frequent problems like cold, cough, and fever.

In app chat calling

With this feature, the sufferers can seek advice from the medical doctor and ask various questions involving diet, medicinal drug timings, development on the fitness condition, or any different questions ask in Doctor consultation App.

Features For Doctor

Time saving factor

This leads us to the time-saving factor, every other consideration with the health practitioner appointment reminder app. When there is an app to cope with the logistics, it saves time for the affected person due to the fact they can rapidly and effortlessly time table scientific appointments thru health practitioner session app online. The health practitioner does not have to be concerned with the on line appointment scheduling process, and their receptionists or different team of workers do not want to work the phones. System synchronized robotically with everyone’s calendar, ship reminders on upcoming visits and even can ship a notification in case some time slot was once canceled that different sufferers can e book it instantly.

Tackling the emergency cases

A clinical emergency can arrive at any time except supplying any clue and no one can predict it as well. The app ought to have a part to address emergency instances such as unexpected stroke, chest pain, and extreme injury, etc.
It would be truthful sufficient if you add a part the place the individual can name an ambulance with simply one faucet on the screen. According to a study, 93% of medical practitioner view that medical doctor session app cellular apps have been of exceptional assist at some stage in an emergency.

Accept advance payment

Charge a monthly fee or allow your patients to purchase credits. Money will be automatically deducted after the session.

Multiple authentication option

Your patients will be able to sign into your doctor consultation app mobile app using OTP, password or fingerprint sensor.

doctor consultation app

Dynamic invoicing

Charge by the hour or by your own timeframe and then send dynamic invoices to your patients.

Social media integration

Your patients will be able to post testimonials about your consulting service to their social media profiles straight from doctor consultation app .

Digital wallet integration

Allow your patients to pay you using all contemporary digital wallets, including add-ons like cryptocurrency payments.

Invite patients

You will be assigned a unique Way u MD ID. Share this with your patients via the Invite feature in the doctor consultation app.

doctor consultation app

Allow video upload

Allow your patients to upload their own videos that you can assess at your own convenient time.

Remote consultations

Access new consult requests from your patients in your virtual Wait Room. Your can also access your Clinic Visit consultation in your Wait Room and follow-up with your patients via in-built Chat.

Dispense advice

Your Way u MD App allows you to write and digitally sign any medical and/or diet advice for your patients.

Written online prescription

This feature allows the doctor to offer consultation online and also prescribe it over live chat. The feature removes the need for the patient to visit them physically.

doctor consultation app

Wait room

Consult requests queued so you can chat with your patients when you’re ready.

Makes changes in appointment

As per professionals who offer Appointment Booking in doctor consultation App , this feature allows the doctors to make changes anytime as the doctor needs to handle an emergency anytime. Thus doctors can reschedule their appointments as per their availability.

Admin Features

Doctor profile

A health practitioner module that is especially for profile introduction and revision must be present. Data must be reachable there, such as the doctor’s specialty, their location, pics of them, critiques by means of patients, and what they cost for an appointment beneath one-of-a-kind insurance plan providers. Real-time analytics reachable for medical doctors would be terrific to have, and reviews on the reputation of their clinical practice. The medical doctor would possibly additionally use this as a region to put up some advertising and promotional objects if this is some thing that they choose to furnish for patients.

Doctor listing search and filters

It’s additionally fundamental for your medical doctor consultation app to have specified health practitioner listings and search and filter features. You can customize your search and slender down the probabilities inside seconds if you want to discover a specialist.

doctor consultation app

E prescription facility

Doctor appointment scheduler software program ought to have a way for a physician to prescribe a wanted medication alongside with receipts immediately in the app. Then the affected person will be in a position to order the prescriptions from your nearby pharmacy or some thing they choose. Doctor appointment scheduler software program ought to have a way for a medical doctor to prescribe a wanted medication alongside with receipts immediately in the app. Then the affected person will be in a position to order the prescriptions from your nearby pharmacy or anything they choose.

Patients profile

As for the affected person profiles, they ought to consist of such matters as non-public facts so that physicians can familiarize themselves with a case records if they are about to see the affected person for the first time. Document importing and scanning competencies would surely come in handy.

Map integration

Map API can be effortlessly built-in into the Doctor consultation app that will enable sufferers to get to the clinic for medical doctor visits besides any trouble. Moreover, our improvement crew has labored on this characteristic for Med Real Time App and applied such a map integration proper in the health practitioner profile that person can see it when selecting the medical doctor as area regularly things for patients.

Reminders and notification

Your medical doctor scheduling software program need to additionally have fully-functioning appointment email, cellphone or app reminders and push notification so that no appointment will ever be missed.

Video conferencing capacity

We touched on this already, however the most crucial component to take into account is that as time goes by, greater sufferers are going to prefer the capability to seek advice from with their medical doctor except having to bodily go into the sanatorium or clinic. You’re going to desire HD-video functioning, audio, and chat integration into your platform alongside with on-line booking. You can see how it’s applied in fact on the instance of the video conferencing for medicine, developed by using our team.

E billing

There have to additionally be a available billing functionality for a physician to shape a consignment and tightly closed price gateway for the person to pay for your scheduled consultations without delay thru the medical doctor consultation app. This need to ideally consist of card scanning capabilities.

Symptoms checker

You’re in all likelihood already conscious of the recognition of AI-based assistant that can make a analysis primarily based on the user’s symptoms. Your doctor’s appointment software program need to have some signs and symptoms checker built-in with for instance Symptom Checker API, to diagnose what expert doctor consultation the person wants to have.

Cancelled appointment request

The feature allows them to deny the appointment request in doctor consultation app. if they are busy for a particular day.

doctor consultation app

Cost calculator

A health tracker is also a feature that more individuals are using these days. Even if they are in the peak of health, they like to be able to monitor their vitals and keep track of how many steps they’re taking during the day in doctor consultation app.

Safety compliance

Safety compliance information is also useful to have. That way, a patient can rest easy knowing that they are using the app complying fully with GDPR, HIPAA, PHI, and European health laws and statutes

Additional Features

Expert advice

Users can are seeking for recommendation related to a range of fitness merchandise and medicines. They can seek advice from with the docs and the nutritionist in Doctor consultation app about the product’s dietary information, advantages and per day requirement as required or directed through the worried physicians.


The multilingual feature allows the user to operate the doctor consultation app in their desired languages. This helps a lot in providing a basic understanding to the users about the services you are providing.

Lab aggregation

With the resource of this remedy shipping app feature, customers can discover the close by clinical analysis labs for the a variety of classes such as thyroid, physique check-up, blood take a look at and a whole lot more. They can snatch an concept about the charge associated to the assessments and can as a result e book their appointments in medical doctor consultation app

Filter search

Under this section, customers can observe the filters whilst they are looking for the medicines. Likewise, they choose the classes for which they desire to buy drug treatments such as belly aches, physique pain, fever, bloodless and cough, etc. This extensively helps in making the looking standards of the sufferers pretty advanced.

Trusted and safety

In case the medicines and the health products delivered by you do not match with the patients expectation, for sure it will reap out harmful results for your businesses. Thus, provide medicines with all the necessary documentation, transparent expiry and manufacturing dates, drug and salt compositions so as to keep the users assured about the products delivered. This works great in making the user ensured all the safety and trust issues.

Collect from medical store

Under this feature, the patients can select the medical store from which they want to collect their medicines. In this way, users are not bound to remain available during the order delivery, as they can collect the medicines nearby medical store and can learn about the dosage requirements to be taken per day.

Document upload

This can be said as one of the major attributes of a medical doctor consultation app. Under this section, what the users have to do is: upload the prescriptions that they have received from the doctors. They can even upload their medical test reports as well to which their prescriptions is attuned to. Thus, they just have to drop their contact number and the delivery address, as the medicines according to the prescriptions as desired will be delivered to them. They can even communicate with the doctor post taking the medicines and in the context of their reports.

Cloud Management

Now this certainly helps in making the functionality of an doctor consultation app quite streamlined and fluent. All the users’ orders, delivery data, offers availed, the information associated with the shipment, inventory,  etc are all stored on the cloud servers for making the overall medical selling ecosystem simplified.

Benefits for Doctor Consultation app

Customer benefits

• Users can make easy bookings through the app in just a few clicks.
• Users can check the availability of the doctors.
• Users can make advance booking for Doctors appointment.
• Users can keep all records of the patients history for doctor prescription and advise.
• Consultation information will have continuity via app.
• Users can avoid travelling to hospital basic things can be rectified via doctors chat room.
• Video Consultation is simplified users to be in their own place and get consultation.
• Instant sharing and response will reduce the time of the patients.
• Customers can avail of the promotions offered by the app as a result of their loyalty towards the app.
• Via our Doctor Consultation app Billings and payments are made easy with the help of the app as these have integrated payment methods like digital wallets, credit-debit card payment among others.
• Review and share your feedback about the services via doctor consultation app.
• Advance booking made easy via app.
• Digital payment gateway integration made easy for paying the bills.
• Secured profile management for customers to edit via app. Customers can add their scan reports and documentation of all the medical visits data in the app.

doctor consultation app

Doctor  benefits

• Doctors can view and advice patient details via app.
• Doctors can make video consultation to patients from anywhere.
• Doctor can cancel the appointment depending on their availability.
• 24/7 support depending on the available Doctors consultation.
• Prescription for remote customers via app consultation.
• Doctor can take advance booking and place the delivery.

doctor consultation app

Admin benefits

• Admin can control the entire operations via Doctor consultation app.
• Admin can monitor performance of the Doctor via rating and feedbacks in the app.
• Admin can control the booking and manage refunding process via investigation with the process.
• Admin Approve the Doctor category and list them in the portal for authorized .

doctor consultation app